Sunday 25 December 2011

Suffering Leader Alone Works! (Genre- Introspective, Atomic)

Suffering Leader Alone Works!

All great men were crucified, some literally were. Its bothway. Great men wanted to renounce. The followers, all the more, wanted them to renounce. All the followers want their leaders to suffer! No action of Jesus, Juda, Buddha or Gandhi was ever praised as they swallowing pain! Suffering leaders lead to satisfaction of the followers!

What is it? Vanity? May be its a feeling of satisfaction. The follower tests d master on seeing him in pain. Master is undeviated. Follower feels gud coz he realises, his master is greater than him. Master can bear dat d follwer cant.

May be its my over exaggeration of the things, as i do often, still i feel, the followers least care about the collective goal, they must be made to be like. Rather they r in search of their "Ideal Leader" n personal interests. This lowly view of followers doesnt reduce their relevance to their leaders. It only makes d leader aware of two things- Firstly, Leader shud align the followers' goal to the collective goal
Secondly, Without followers there is no leader. And the followers need a suffering leader!

Eventually, Suffering is not that bad too. Its a subjective term. One act which is suffering for me e.g. Studying computer science, may be bliss for many intelligent people. All we have to do, is to find out dat suitable activities which r bliss to us, but they, the followers, percieve it as suffering. Here i am assuming myself n the reader, if there is any, to be leaders, please dnt count on it.

Same thing was practised by Gandhi. Satyagraha was his passion. For masses it was 'The Suffering Gandhi'!

If u want to lead. Or situations force u to lead, experiment it. Atleast i wil give it a try.

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