Sunday, 25 December 2011

7 FAQs- (Genre- Spiritual, Meta Physical)

7 FAQs -
Q1. What is dharma?
A. Ur goal/duty dat u hv set to achieve/perform.

Q2. What is karma?
A. Ur acts.

Q3. What is virtue (PUNYA)?
A. Dat act which leads to or is concomitant with ur goal.

Q4. What is sin (PAAP)?
A. Dat act which weakens u. Disables u to achieve ur goal.

Q5. Who is God?
A. Its a mental state, achieved by us wen all our goals r fulfilled. The state of SUPREME BLISS. The True State. THE TRUTH.

Q6. Then who r 33 crore gods n goddeses?
A. They r models to undrstand. As we used to do in our science class. Model is not truth. Its an abstraction of reality.

Q7.What is heaven or hell?
If u feel strong its heaven, if weak its hell.

Conclusion- All dat u have read above is GARBAGE n RUBBISH. Dnt believe in anybody. Experiment by urself. And find ur own God. Everybody has to do it at last. -SS :)

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