Sunday 25 December 2011


Why "POVERTY" has a "V" n not a "W" ??? How to get a W? How to impart Power to poverty?

Semantically, If 2 V's are joined to collaborate it wil become a W, see
V + V = VV => W,
po(v+v)erty => poWerty..

Practicaly, social Self Help Groups r doing d same thing. Joining dem.

Actually all "powerfuls" have d characteristics to form associations, be it politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists, NGO- Civil society grps or even mafia! Bt poor dont form groups. N nobody wants dat dey know it. Even dis whole crap, which i m writing is in english n dat too on fb. Obvious wastage. Dey wont b reading it.
:( :( :(

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