Sunday, 25 December 2011

Knowing the Knowables

Knowing the Knowables-

Its d most critical to know what is to be known. Here lies d difference between information n true knowledge. A simple example is dat- its nt important to have information of all flights frm New York to Mumbai, rather to know how to know it. And more precisely to know when one intend to travel. Its d simplest case, order of complexity of situations vary considerably.

Now how to do it? The answer is asking pertinent questions at right time. Many a times d question must be asked to the self. If the question is asked to the self there is one more point to be noted- taking right assumptions. If question is for smone else, question d assumptions also which r taken for granted.

Knowledge is a function of time, place n individual role played. There is always a danger to neglect d change of any of 3 variables.

What are d advantages of knowing d knowables? Its related to d efficacy of leader, efficiency n nontheless survival!

Knowledge of situation n knowing that one knows d knowables- initiates to able leadership. If u know that a situation of "Vaccum of Leader" is going to take place u can assert as one strong contender. Leadership is not granted, its earned rather its snatched! Snatched by using knowlege of knowables with an impeccable timing. Its a win-win-win situation fr all viz leader, employee n organisation!

Its inherently a triangle of- knowables, leadership n results. Practice of n heedfulness towards knowables can make wonders!

-Swarochisha "Swatahvajr"

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