Sunday, 25 December 2011

"My Experiments With Truth And LIES" (on 2nd Oct)

I should not seek refuge in d past. There was no Gandhi or Shastri ever, more divine dan u r or i am.. Bt d difference lies in d fact dat dey "Promised n Lived upto dat"

I m weaker dan gandhi or shastri because i fear, i fear to commit, i m greedy n i cant resist d temptation of wealth n power..

During 2003-04, i decided to find out what was peculiarity dat make gandhi so powerful to lead mass strgles succesfuly. I startd by his autobiography n sm movies latr on. Kept on searching abt non co operatn or civil disobedience. Bt to my utter surprise d buk was ful of his experiments wid vegetarianism n clay therapy. I found he was deeply spiritual n least political. He alwz fought wid in, wid himself, wid his own weaknesses! Dat s y he was a leader. Able to lead..

How did he do dat? Answer is FAITH. At one instance he writes dat faith is nt smthg to grasp, its a state to grow into. Spirituality strengthens d faith n u grow into it !

I believe if u have a goal like gandhi n shastri had, U hav a chance to find ur own way to grow into dat deep faith. Dat is fr u only, ur happines only. U r nt doing it fr nation or society. Its fr ur own peace n solace. Its ur experiment with the truth n lies.. Only urs. -SS

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