Sunday, 25 December 2011

"Absenteesm vs Heedfulness"

Absenteesm vs Heedfulness-

Generally absenteesm is defined as physical presence yet spiritual aberrations. 

They used to say n i eventually started feeling that my background thinking process, if comes to the centre stage of thought process, is a
mismatch. Internal dialogue to self should be minimal  and in any case should not be louder dan the interactions wid external world. 

But I think, a point of reference, if chosen otherwise, i mean if you set ur internal self dialogue as origin, the anomaly is removed. The person who is having more interesting conversation inside, may not and should not feel it to be abnormal And should continue romancing with the melody of light music resonating with in. Even if you seem to be absent, you may be mindful! Let them guess otherwise, let dem assume as they want. If u feel coherent and constructive, you are!

In Gita Krishna says "What is night* for all beings is the time of awakening* for the self-controlled; and the time of awakening* for all beings is night* for the introspective sage. "

*Here, night =>Absenteesm,
n awakening =>Heedfulness.
Can be interpolated to support my point.

Many a times they felt me to be absent. But i know i was alwzays heedful. Our frame of references were different n they are like that even now. I welcom their perceptions but believe only in mine. Nobody except myself can make me feel absent.. :)

Keep being absent, enjoy heedfulness!
-SS ;)

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