Friday, 30 December 2011


           What is the reason that one kid is sensitive towards toys, while another one to birds. Why one child is sensitive to a,b,c,d and other even does not look at alphabets? Why one child laughs more where as the other likes to sleep more? Why we, as tiny kids, are sensitive towards extremely different objects and behaviours. Are there definite patterns of sensitivity? Can we predict nat...ure and intensity of sensitivity? Can we devise some ways and means to sensitise the children as per will, allowing the narrow margin for errors too.

           The answer is somewhat more complex than it appears. Its not only physical condition and environment of the baby. Its beyond that. Much more than the sum total of all apparent variables. Twin babies having identical conditions differ considerably to each other when it comes to behavioural traits which are determined by their individual sensitivities. Its not all about the hardware. Its related to the software pre-installed in baby, along with some software updates and applications installed later from time to time.

            If a systematic study and reseach can unfold methods to guided behaviour of human race nothing like it ! As obtaining guided behaviour is the essence of all theories of leadership. It can cure mega problems faced by globe such as intolerance- religious or national, corrupt behaviour or fear psychosis. Political and social reforms will automatically follow consequently. It may be a better way than Gene Therapy or Designer Babies!
Without hurting the ethical dimension of church and temple.

Sensitivity is a mystery, lets hope we will break the code soon!

-Swarochisha *Swatahvajr*

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